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Cooperativa 1050°

As a social and cooperative enterprise, we take pottery to all corners of the world, opening new paths for more people to touch its deep wisdom and beauty. With a solidarity economy we achieve deep transformations in families of Potters, supported by fair, stable and dignified economies.

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mezcal vs pulque

mezcal vs pulque

Exhibition in kurimanzutto and trip of potters. Mexico City, 2022.
visita a la Cooperativa Las Cañadas

visit to the Las Cañadas Cooperative

Cooperative education trip. Huatusco, Veracruz, 2020.
visita a Cooperativas Tosepan Titataniske

visit Tosepan Titataniske Cooperatives

Cooperative education trip. Puebla, 2022.
Destination: Mexico

Destination: Mexico

1050° exhibition at MoMA and trip of potters. New York, 2012.