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Pichancha with nixtamal in Amatenango del Valle. Photo by Fanel Reyes.

The Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Art, invited us in 2019 to give the talk “Lessons from a Learning Community of Potters in Oaxaca: The design and way of life of rural potters in Mexico“, where the directors of Innovating tradition, Kythzia Barrera and Diego Mier y Terán spoke about the Learning Community of PottersIn addition, a clay workshop was given in downtown Chicago by Mari Bautista, a potter from Amatenago del Valle, Chiapas, who filled our hands, hearts and stomachs with her words and some corn tortillas.

The long journey and inclement weather were worth it, as more than 20 people attended the workshop and the auditorium in the Graham Foundation building was packed with people eager to learn about the Graham Foundation project. Learning Community of Potters.

It was surprising to realize that the alternative learning systems that are humbly developed in the southeast of Mexico by a handful of brave potters can change the perspective of people in big cities. We thank our friend Tatiana Bilbao and Sara Herda, the director of the foundation, for inviting us.

Photos by Diego Mier y Terán.