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Objective evolution. Morphological transformations

First experimental design workshop with Pekka Harni and Yuka Takahashi

Guided by guest designers Pekka Harni from Finland and Yuka Takahashi from Japan, this workshop in 2008 sought to redefine the concept of tradition in ceramics through a dynamic and ever-changing approach. Exploring the possibilities of reinventing tradition by closely collaborating the most talented and daring artisan hands of Oaxaca with national and international designers.

The work was done in interdisciplinary teams for three weeks. A design methodology based on the theories of morphological transformations allowed us to pose open questions to the participants. These questions helped the teams explore the possibilities of clay using traditional utensils as a starting point. The intention was that this experimentation would open paths for the development of products with possibilities of competition in the global market. Combine modern culture with the specific cultural traits of the Oaxacan ceramic tradition.