Workshop|Second skin

The Second Skin workshop explored the possibilities of reinventing the Oaxacan pottery traditon through decoration, collaborative work and design-based methodologies.

Applied symbolism and decorative patterns is a very fertile ground for artists, designers and artisans. The challenge was to (re)discover possibilities of various decorative techniques, applying them to pre-existing objects for daily use. Herman Melville’s Moby Dick served as the excuse to immerse ourselves in the world of color and applied imagination, to create a second skin for these objects. Eventually this experiments will inspire a series of contemporary products that will have a place in a global market.

As in previous workshops, the idea was to foster close collaboration between designers, artists and talented Oaxacan artisans. During two four-day sessions we worked in teams, and gave space for the artistic skills of each, with the common goal of innovating the tradition.

Each workshop was be guided by a guest artist. The first module, by urban artists, Smek and Cer; the second by ceramic artist, Adán Paredes. Using materials of their choice, they shared their artistic experience through previously discussed methodologies. Upon completing the workshop there will be a public exhibit of the results.

Who was it for?

Potters, artists, designers and the general public intersted in pottery and folk art. No experience required.

About the artists

Adán Paredes is a ceramic artists who lives en Oaxaca. Smek and Cer are urban artists from Oaxaca. They will be supported by technical advisors from Los Alacranes studio.


Los Alacranes workshop
Santo Domingo Barrio Bajo


May 5 to 8, 19 to 22 2011


Module 1

Rolando Regino Porraz, Atzompa
Rufina Ruiz, Atzompa
Leonila Ruiz, Atzompa
María Ruiz, Atzompa
Juventino Ruiz, Atzompa
Ana Gómez, cd. de México
Mateo Sanabria, cd. de México
Rodrigo Hernández, cd. de México
Salvador Pulido, cd. de México
Lorena Silva, Los Alacranes
Elisabeth Diega, Los Alacranes

Module 2

Rolando Regino Porraz, Atzompa
Rufina Ruiz, Atzompa
Leonila Ruiz, Atzompa
Ángel Vázquez, Atzompa
Adrián Martínez, Atzompa
Elia __, Tavehua
Juan __, Atzompa
Honorio __, Los Alacranes
Elisabeth Diega __, Los Alacranes
Esteban, cd. de México
Adina Radosh, cd. de México


Adina Radosh


Rodolfo Miranda Company