We want to invite you to a trip that began 12 years ago, with an insatiable fascination for the beauty of traditional Mexican crafts and promise to walk alongside those who produce it.

We are turning point in history, one in which the traditional wisdom of the native peoples is more important than ever.

Paradoxically, traditional pottery finds itself, perhaps as never before, in an extremely delicate situation under the pressures of the world.

We want to invite you to the Huajes Valley Network, and join a group of chefs, artists, entrepeneurs, cultural promoters, who are working together with artisans to ensure the future of clay in Oaxaca.

We invite you to join us because only together can we continue walking towards a prosperous future.


The Valle de Huajes Network will make Four Movements a reality that we will develop together in the next ten years. Four strategic ideas that are the synthesis of our walk.

To know more about the Huajes Valley Network,
send a message to Kythzia and Diego:

Movement One

Is a space for sharing knowledge, created with and for artisans. Through design, theater, narrative and tutorials we explore issues ranging from harvesting mud, saving wood and new designs, to pollution in quarries, solidarity trade, gender roles and community organization. In three years we can have a hundred craftsmen with a clear political awareness of the importance of their work become an example, sharing knowledge in their communities, in schools and universities in Mexico and the world.

Movement Two

Will be the future home of clay and potters in Oaxaca. A laboratory open to experimentation and collaboration, for all those artisans, educators, artists and researchers who wish to explore the potential of clay and what is done by hand. Casa del Barro is our strategy to support people in the 70 pottery communities that we have detected in Oaxaca.

Movement Three

Today there is not enough critical thinking, no theory to guide the growing collaboration between craftsmen and designers, or the markets emerging from the recent craze for the hand made. We want to encourage more successful collaborative projects and more solidarity-based and consciouss businesses.
We want to share how we do what we do and detonate meaningful conversations about good practices, to ensure that such partnerships do not reproduce unequal power relations, but bring real benefits to them, both economically and socially, culturally and politically.

Movement Four

Not many years ago clay was considered a poor man’s option. As a social enterprise, with a strong emphasis on solidarity trade, Colectivo 1050 ° is placing clay in the tables of the best hotels, restaurants and museums of the world. Our challenge is to open more paths to clay, helping more people understand the depth of this tradition of wisdom. We need to strengthen the organization and expand sales, and demonstrate that Mexican handmade products can reclaim the territory currently occupied by plastics and industrial production.

To know more about the Huajes Valley Network, send a message to Kythzia and Diego:

We are a multidisciplinary network of people working to increase the symbolic, economic and cultural value of Oaxacan Pottery.