Exhibition|Object evolution

There was a huge amount of pieces produced during the experimental design workshop, led by Pekka Harni y Yuka Takahasi. The space for free experimentation and interpersonal encounters generated even greater enthusiasm on the participants.

Almost all of the results from the workshop where shown, together with images and explanatory texts. The exhibition's focus was on showing the research process rather than fully accomplished, finnished or commecially viable pieces. On whow were the great diversity of forms, the mutations, hybridations and colaborations that occured during the workshop.

  • Macrina Mateo and Jani Galland; Daniela Esponda and Silvia García.

  • Diego Mendoza and Rolando Regino; Alberta Mateo and Jannis Huerta.

As part of the exhibition we printed a poster including texts by Angélica Vázquez, artisan from Santa María Atzompa, Claudia Cancino and Kythzia Barrera, members of IT. These texts explain the value of clay and crafts in today's world, as well as IT's (initial) work.

The exhibition gave closure to three weeks of intense work, and served as the starting point for many of Innovando's future activities.


The exhibition and the workshop were possible with support of:


Museo Estatal de Artes Populares de Oaxaca, MEAPO

May 18, 2008

Presente y futuro de la artesanía en Oaxaca by Angélica Vázquez Cruz, Santa Maria Atzompa's Artisan.

Download poster (pdf)