Workshop|Experimental design Object evolution. Morphological transformations. Transformaciones morfológicas

The Object Evolution workshop proposed restating the ceramic tradition through a dynamic lens. We explored the possibilities around the evolution of form through close collaboration with talented, experimented artisans from Oaxaca, and international designers (Finland, Holand, Japan, Mexico). The work was done in multidisciplinary teams over a three week period.

  • Experimental design workshop

  • The Pekka Harni's notebook, to explain the exercises.

  • Lorena Dávila, Atzompa.

  • Hybridization between objects.

  • Hybridization between objects.

  • Hybridization between objects.

  • Alberta Mateo from Tlapazola, Ana Gómez from Mexico City and Yukka Takahashi from Japan/Finland.

  • Kythzia, Yukka and Pekka examine with perplexity one of the mutations.

  • Meeting with the red clay women from San Marcos Tlapazola.

  • Results.

  • Results.

  • Modeling a dress of San Marcos Tlapazola.

We worked with clay, a material with enormous potential for experimentation and possibilities not yet explored. The challenge lied in showing the expressive possibilities of this material, beginning with utilitarian forms and subjecting them to an accelerated process of evolution, hybridization and mutation.

Pekka Harni, Finland, and Yuka Takahashi, Japan, guided the workshop. They established the design methods and morphological analysis which are characteristic of their investigations on objects. They were supported by Kythzia Barrera and Diego Mier y Terán, members of IT.

We combined modern culture with the unique cultural characteristics of the pottery traditions in Oaxaca with the hope that this experimentation opens doors to the creation of products that can compete in a global market.

After the workshop, two exhibitions were set to show the results. One in Atzompa, the other at the Museo de Artes Populares de Coyotepec.

People who participated in this workshop

Adele Goldschmied, Cd. de México
Alicia Gil, Cd. de México
Daniela Esponda, Cd. de México
Anahíd Cardoza, Cd. de México
Adriana Canales, Cd. de México
Gloria Carrasco, Cd. de México
María Cabañas, Cd. de México
Ana Marta Fuentes, Cd. de México
Elena Sanchez Mejorada, Cd. de México
Gabriela Molina, Cd. de México
Ana Gómez, Cd. de México
Gloria Rubio, Cd. de México
Janni Galland, Cd. de México
Lourdes Gonzalez
Rodrigo Lobato, Cd. de México
Raquel Charabati, Cd. de México
Verónica Adeleida, Cd. de México
Claudia Olmos, Cd. de México
Magda Alazraqui, Cd. de México
Marlene Olff, Cd. de México
Rocio Álvarez Carvajal, Cd. de México
Olga Jusidman y Estela Cardozo Castillo, Coyotepec
Nadia Burguette
Claudia Martínez Regina Lomelí, Cd. de México
Lorena Lávida, Atzompa
Gerardo Zaldivar del Angel
Macrina Mateo Martínez
Claudia Cancino, Cd. de México
Serena Simón López, Coyotepec
Diego Mendoza y Rolando Regino, Atzompa
Jannis Huerta Salazar
Dorotea Mateo Sanchez, Tlapazola
Guadalupe Gonzalez Camargo y Alberta Mateo Sanchez, Tlapazola
Maria Yolanda López García
Silvia García, Coyotepec
Maria Luisa (Lula) Acuña Brown
Angelina Mateo Martínez, Tlapazola
Rocío Avila Flores y Angel Vázquez, Atzompa

First stage

March 5 to 8, 2008

Second stage

March 12 to 15, 2008

Third stage:

March 19 to 22, 2008


Canela workshop
Centro de las Artes de San Agustín Etla
CaSa San Agustín Etla, Oaxaca


Yuka Takashi, Japón
Pekka Harni, Finlandia
Kythzia Barrera, Innovando


Diego Mier y Terán
Adán Paredes
Claudio Jerónimo López
Moniek Driesse, Holanda