Destination: New York

After a rigorous selection process which lasted more than a year, MoMA Store chose productos from 62 mexican designers for their Destination: Mexico, the latest edition of the Destination: Design series.

This event, organized every two years, showcases the best design of a certain city or country. This time was Mexico's turn. 1050º was one of the selected designers. It is an honor for us to share the space with so many talented designers.

Two of 1050º's products will be in NY: the Three little pigs set of bowls, made of red clay, and the Bartola Jug, made of black clay. A set of mezcal cups with blue glaze, designed by Kythzia Barrera and produced in Atzompa by Juan Ruiz Zárate and Ana María Alarzón, will also be in Tokyo. This is possibly the first time that ceramimcs from Oaxaca are exhibited in MoMA store!

We could not miss the chance and decided to travel to NY for the opening, on April 26th. Thanks to the support of Fundación Alfredo Harp Helú and the Mexican Cultural Institute of New York we managed to organize a trip with four of the artisans: Alberta Mateo and Macrina Mateo, from San Marcos Tlapazola; Silvia García and Estela Cardozo, from San Bartolo Coyotepec. Plus four other members of Innovando la Tradición: Kythzia Barrera, Paris Barrera, Rafael Muciño and Diego Mier y Terán.

To continue the exploration of collaborative processes, we decided that the documentation should be made by the artisans themselves. Guillermo Monteforte, from Ojo de Agua Comunicación, gave us an excellent express and introductory workshop to video and cinematographic story-telling. First of all, this allowed the artisans to get used to the machines, and it also provided basic concepts for shooting and script.

The artisans will have the perfect document to share our adventure with their communities or family. You may follow the trip through the images we will upload every day on our Facebook page.

  • Empaques de la Jarra Bartola (Silvia García, Daniela Esponda) y los Tres Cochinos (Alberta Mateo, Ana Gómez,
    Kythzia Barrera). Ilustraciones de María Lucía Cristerna y Diego Mier y Terán

  • La jarra Bartola, hecha en San Bartolo Coyotepec por Silvia García, a partir de un diseño desarrollado en colaboración
    con Daniela Esponda y otros.

  • Los tres cochinitos que viajan a NY. Realizados por Alberta Mateo, de San Marcos Tlapazola. Diseño en colaboración
    con Ana Gómez y Kythzia Barrera.

  • Taller introductorio al video, con Guillermo Monteforte, de Ojo de Agua.

  • Taller introductorio al video, con Guillermo Monteforte, de Ojo de Agua.

  • Macrina Mateo y Silvia García prueban la cámara, en el Hub Oaxaca.

  • Alberta Mateo haciendo sus primeras tomas de video en el taller.

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MoMA Store. Destination: Mexico

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