Second edition|Fire and clay. The art of Oaxacan Pottery

This book is an invitation for all those who wish to know the threatened and persistant world of Oaxacan pottery. An adventure, for those who choose to take it, that will be without a doubt enriching, opening a world to you and a mirror for all your beliefs.
—Gustavo Pérez

The first book by Innovando la Tradicion, written by Eric Mindling and published by Arte Oaxaca, is a panoramic vision of the past, present and future of Oaxacan pottery.

  • Open-firing. Tavehua

  • Santiago Ayuquililla

  • Santiago Ayuquililla

  • Mallets to pulverize stone. Santo Domingo Yojuela

  • Tlatzala, Guerrero

  • San Bartolo Coyotepec

  • San Cristóbal, Guerrero

  • Decorative innovations, San Bartolo Coyotepec

  • Made in…?

  • Zacualpan

  • The feet of a pichancha from Zacualpan

Eric Mindling, an expert on the subject and member of Innovando la Tradicion, has studied the pottery ways in 68 villages in Oaxaca.

This study has become the book, Barro y Fuego, el Arte de la Alfareria de Oaxaca, after a process of nearly two years.

Barro y Fuego. El arte de la alfarería de Oaxaca is an homage to the wisdom of these potters and a journey into the depths of the ancient trade of pottery. Combined with impressive imagery, the book explaines the wisdom of artisanal design and the pottery’s’ important economical, social and identity based roles.

The book approaches pottery from a broad design perspective, touching on themes such as diversity in form, social contexts, funcionality, forming techniques and the challenges presented by modern times. In this way it provides us with the tools to understand the pottery and potters in all their complexity.

With a prologue by artist, Gustavo Pérez, and the spectacular imagery of Paris Barrera, we learn about the diversity, context and beauty of traditional Oaxacan pottery. Finally, for explorers, there is a detailed guide to visit the 68 pottery villages presented in the book with maps and directions.
This Project was made posible by grants from FONCA through the Fomento a Proyectos y Coinversiones Culturales, and the Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo, AECID.

First edition 2012 SOLD

Second edition 2015 available languages: English / French / Spanish

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