Exhibition|5th Biennial of utilitarian ceramics

For a week, Ana Gómez and Gloria Rubio, from Arta cerámica, lived with the Mateo family in San Marcos Tlapazola. The objective: To win the Franz Mayer's 5th Bienal of Utilitarian Ceramics.

Through several intensive sessions of collaborative design with a high level of experimentation and no small degree of risk, they created two mosaics and a tea set.

  • Alberta Mateo decorating a comal.

  • The Mateo family very concentrated.

  • Gloria Rubio.

  • Drying to the sun.

  • Drying to the sun.

  • Tiles detail.

  • Tiles details from the comales.

  • Sgraffito teapot and cups.

  • Sgraffito teapot and cups.

  • >Sgraffito teapot.

The mosaics are adaptations of traditional pieces, redesigned to fulfill a surprising new roll. The tea set is an improvement on tea sets previously produced for 1050 grados collective. During the experimentation a new technique was introduced to the potter’s pallet, sgraffiato. Using a metal pen they decorated the tea sets, creating collectible individual pieces. Three pieces were selected by the jurors for inclusion in the exhibition. With success in hand, we are preparing for the 6th Bienal!

Franz Mayer Museum

September 8, 2011
to Dicember 4, 2011

Hidalgo 45. Centro Histórico.
México D.F. 06300
Tel. 55182266